We don’t live in cities. We may not spend $75 a month on phone services. But together, we’re worth hundreds of millions to the operators who reach us. VNL makes a solar powered GSM and broadband system that helps operators reach us profitably.

Welcome to the microtelecom revolution.

Introducing WorldGSM™, the first solar powered GSM and broadband network designed from the ground up to serve rural populations in developing economies — and do it profitably.

“VNL’s WorldGSM™ technology can help bring the reach of the current mobile infrastructure to billions more people.”

- The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers 2010

A WorldGSM™ network draws no power from the electricity grid. The Base Stations are erected in days by non-engineers and powered by the sun.

This is microtelecom. And it’s about to take the mobile industry by storm!

VNL Wins Green AwardWCAWSJ Winner

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