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  • Thank You World, says Karenda

    Two years ago, nobody in Karenda, a modest village in Rajasthan, would have believed that one day ministers and dignitaries from the across the world would be visiting their tiny village. The transformation of Karenda has been such that it has become an inspiring stopover for people from the world’s telecom fraternity, many of who make it a point to visit the village to experience how VNL’s Digital Village solution functions, first-hand. Read VNL’s Position Paper on Digital Villages here.

    27 Feb, 2017

  • Karenda’s e-Education experiment: letting students learn better

    ICT-led development is one of India’s priorities and the government is going all out to improve digital connectivity everywhere. But is it enough and more importantly can this be achieved in time? Students in rural India continue to lose out on opportunities as the process of ensuring connectivity everywhere takes it own sweet time. But for Karenda, a smartDigital Village enabled by VNL, the change has already begun. Read along to know more

    24 Feb, 2017

  • Changing the face of Karenda.

    At first sight, Karenda looks just like any other village; full of fresh air and happy people. However, on closer inspection, we see how digitization has taken the village to new heights. Since VNL set up Wi-Fi connectivity for the village in March 2015, there has been an influx of smartphone users and the number continues to grow. The benefits of access to the internet have been manifold, with the villagers taking advantage of better connectivity in all aspects of their lives.

    08 Feb, 2017

  • Towards a true cashless economy

    It’s turning out that one of the most significant positive effects of the recent demonetization is the drive towards a digital economy. With necessity driving innovation, the volume of cashless transactions in India has increased dramatically—upto 1000% as per some estimates—since 8th November. Is this enough? Could we do more? What enablers need to be put in place for a steady and faster move towards a digital economy? How do we mitigate the problems faced by the common man as the transition continues? The debate continues to rage, and has occupied centre-stage in most media for the whole month.

    16 Dec, 2016

  • BSNL CMD talks about Connecting the Unconnected in LWE

    10 states, 106 districts, 22,688 connected villages and 18 million connected citizens using 39 lakh mobile connections. That’s the impact of the 2199 green mobile towers that BSNL has set up in LWE affected states in record time, according to Mr Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL while speaking in a programme about connecting unconnected parts of India, on Economy Today on 7th December 2016.

    08 Dec, 2016

  • How do you make a happy nation happier?

    Even as Bhutan opens itself cautiously to the rest of the world, one of the biggest challenges is to connect its hinterland. Daunting terrain and sparse population have always hindered infrastructural development in the interiors of the Happy Kingdom.

    23 Nov, 2016


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