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  • How do you make a happy nation happier?

    Even as Bhutan opens itself cautiously to the rest of the world, one of the biggest challenges is to connect its hinterland. Daunting terrain and sparse population have always hindered infrastructural development in the interiors of the Happy Kingdom.

    23 Nov, 2016

  • Connectivity in LWE Region: Made in India

    Recognizing that combating insurgency-hit areas in India’s Red Corridor must include the provision of a robust communication network as an important element of its strategy, the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to build a mobile phone network in the most-affected regions. These regions include some of the most hostile terrain in the country, with practically no roads, power or security. Against such imposing challenges, VNL has helped BSNL set up 2199 solar-powered mobile communication towers in a record time of 18 months, altering not just the geographical, but critically, the social landscape of the area. Deprived citizens, almost living on the edge of poverty now have a window to the rest of the world, as they start using mobile phones to connect with families, employers, doctors, local bureaucrats and politicians. Connectivity improves productivity through better education, access to agricultural inputs and markets, finance and banking, and opens avenues for small businesses, putting them on the path to progress. Just how much integration and social change this investment will bring about can only be measured rightfully in the years to come.

    08 Nov, 2016

  • Domestic Manufacturers may lose out to Domestic ‘Importers’ if the government’s new PMA Policy is approved.

    A storm is brewing for the last couple of months in the Indian telecom manufacturing industry because instead of encouraging import substitution, the Indian government has drafted a proposal which will make the playing field even more uneven, in favour of foreign electronic goods and services. Till now 30% of the total quota in government procurement of electronic productions (manufacturing) is reserved for domestic manufacturers, which will not be the case anymore.

    27 Oct, 2016

  • A Green Mobile Network in India’s Red Corridor

    How do you set up mobile networks in areas affected by insurgency? Especially when there are no roads or electricity? Welcome to India’s Red Corridor, some of the most hostile terrain in the country, with practically no roads, power or security. Here, in the worst left-wing extremism (LWE) affected districts of Indian states, 1315 solar-powered mobile communication towers have been setup in a record time of less than a year.

    22 Sep, 2016

  • We agree - Needed, a policy to boost Indian R&D: ET Editorials

    Telecom is hot right now. Interconnect, call-drops, TRAI, spectrum are all in the news. But perhaps it's time to take a step back and view the sector with a long-term perspective. That the sector will grow at breakneck pace is a no-brainer. But what about targeting self-sufficiency in this area?

    21 Sep, 2016

  • The world’s largest green mobile communication network is now live!

    Can mobile towers light up lives, connect families, open doors to the world, provide livelihoods, and make lives easier? Yes, they can! Here’s the story of how, quietly but surely, the first major milestone of the Prime Minister’s Digital India Mission has taken wing, with a mobile phone network now connecting regions worst affected by Left-Wing extremism.

    12 Sep, 2016

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