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  • VNL at the Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2017 – It’s a wrap!

    The Indo-Africa ICT Expo in Lagos, Nigeria has come to an end with VNL’s participation at the event turning out to be a resounding success. One of the main highlights of the event for us was being presented with the Indo-Africa ICT Award for the “Best wireless innovations for rural communication”. This re-affirms our belief in the mission to connect all rural geographies to a bigger world. We are grateful for all the support we have received from our clients and partners.

    14 Sep, 2017

  • New Delhi to Lagos - O KM - #ZeroDistanceProject

    To help eliminate distances between underserved geographies and development, the team at VNL is traveling the distance from New Delhi to Lagos, to participate in the Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2017. We are re-imagining the digital dream for Africa and will be showcasing our ground breaking Digital Village solutions for rural broadband and telephony that can change the face of connectivity across the continent.

    04 Sep, 2017

  • Changing the communication network for enterprises

    Missing landline calls when you’re away from your desk? And experiencing network congestion, network dark spots, patchy coverage and call drops on your mobile? If these are some of the common problems your workforce faces every day, you need a 100% secure, private mobile network for your enterprise, which offers seamless integration with your fixed phone PBX.

    25 Jul, 2017

  • Are Telecom Universal Service Funds outdated?

    Universal Service or Access Funds (which go by different names in different countries) are a mechanism by which a national regulatory authority mandates, oversees and/or coordinates a set of subsidies and fees designed to promote access to telecommunication services for all of a country's population.

    17 May, 2017

  • Simplifying access to healthcare with connectivity

    Access to quality healthcare is always a challenge in rural areas. Villagers rarely get the benefit of quality doctors and clinics and hospitals with modern facilities unless they travel long distances. Residents of Karenda, a modest village in Alwar, Rajasthan, faced exactly this situation until recently. Because the nearest hospital is 50 kms away, the sick and elderly in the village had to travel a long way to get medical treatment, thereby losing precious money and time.

    10 May, 2017

  • The North-East gets a Voice

    Ever since independence, the North-Eastern part of India has been neglected. Surrounded by foreign nations and connected to the mainland just by a thin land corridor, the Seven Sisters have lagged socio-economic development because of lack of infrastructure and connectivity. Plagued by difficult terrain including heavily forested areas and recurrent tribal insurgency, the sparse population in the North East has remained virtually isolated from the bigger world.

    03 May, 2017

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