The Solar Myths 14 Feb, 2010

There are several anecdotal statements and misconceptions on solar power and its practical limitations for household electricity generation or infrastructure solutions. It will be shown that the photovoltaic industry is no longer in its infancy and that lifecycle net energy and CO2 burden calculations give perfectly satisfactory results where climatic conditions allow enough irradiation.


Connecting Remote Islands with Local Switching

GSM services on small remote islands off mainland coasts face significant challenges. These islands usually have a small population, no electrical grid (or an unreliable one) and low income levels. They are in urgent need of mobile communication. The key challenge that VNL is determined to solve is deploying an affordable GSM solution that can easily serve low income rural areas, such as islands.

Emerging Energy and Air Pollution Crisis for Indian Rural GSM Sites

A study of critical power and fuel dependencies for Indian GSM site solutions

Connecting Rural Communities

GSM is the most accepted standard, having achieved full economy of scale and will continue to be the standard for coming decades. However, the deployment of traditional GSM transmission equipment is simply too expensive and complex to provide an acceptable business case in low income, rural areas. This is the main reason that these areas lack even basic telephony and data services.