Connecting Remote Industries 26 Feb, 2012

Privately Owned and Managed GSM & Broadband Networks

Establishing a communication network for industries in difficult topographies and hazardous operational environments in remote locations has always been a challenge. The availability of the right network has direct bearing on operations management, security, health, safety, overall employee productivity, disaster management and satisfaction. One such activity is mining.

Given the level of complexity and risk in any mining operation, the ideal communication network must introduce efficiencies at all levels. VNL’s GSM and Broadband solution for mines is highly cost effective, rapidly deployable and robust. This unified communication network operates as a privately owned and remotely managed network.


Instant Communication Networks

GSM & Broadband for Defence, Security and
Disaster Management

In any sphere of tactical operations such as military and homeland security or emergency situations such as natural disasters, a reliable communication network is of paramount importance. Effective coordination to contain and control an emergency situation requires reliable, secure and responsive communication systems. A standard method of communication is to utilize the macro GSM networks. However, it has been seen that macro GSM networks also get impacted by either sheer volume of traffic at the scene, causing congestion, or have to be shutdown to remove the risk of cellular control of remote devices. In such situations an alternate private GSM network – regardless of the macro network – is a must.

VNL’s solution is a rapidly deployable and secure GSM & Broadband Communications solution which can be easily integrated on a fixed or transportable platform. It can be used to create instant coverage in crisis situations, providing privately owned & managed voice and data services even in the most challenging locations.

WorldGSM™ Infrastructure Sharing

Maximizing Revenue while Minimizing Risk in Rural
and Remote Deployments

As mobile network operators expand into rural and remote locations, they have realized that coverage alone is not a source of competitive advantage. It is evident that without innovative strategies to drive down CAPEX and OPEX, the viability of any network is under threat.

With these commercial considerations in mind, more and more operators have opted for infrastructure sharing models. In developing markets the primary focus has been on sharing the site infrastructure – location, mast, shelters, power systems and backup.

The WorldGSM™ Infrastructure Sharing Solution from VNL allows operators to share both passive as well as active elements of the network, introducing a new dimension of efficiency and cost savings in rural network deployments.

WorldGSM™ – Connecting Remote Islands

Thousands of small, remote Indonesian islands are in urgent need of affordable telecommunication services. These are islands with small population, no electrical grid (or an unreliable one), huge infrastructure bottlenecks, and low levels of income. VNL’s WorldGSM™ solution can deliver affordable mobile and broadband connectivity to millions of Indonesians and connect them to the capital Jakarta and the rest of the world.

VNL Participates at Mobile World Congress 2012 23 Feb, 2012

A simple switch to WorldGSM™ got an African mobile operator an average saving of $24,000 per site in a year.

VNL announces its participation again at GSMA’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 27th – March 1st, 2012.

Rajiv Mehrotra Chairman and CEO will be speaking on a panel entitled “Networks : Infrastructure Costs in the Age of Austerity”.

In today’s environment of austerity, operators are rethinking business models, searching out new solutions and revisiting old ones to deliver lower-cost networks. This session highlights some of the most outstanding examples of ingenuity and shows how operators around the world can employ similar measures.

Networks: Infrastructure Costs In The Age Of Austerity
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
1:45 PM to 3:15 PM Local Time (CET)
Location: Hall 5 – Room 6

VNL will be showcasing the dramatic OPEX savings achieved by WorldGSM™ sites deployed in Africa and the powerful payback proposition on CAPEX invested in these sites. For years we have heard that renewables take too long for payback. VNL’s WorldGSM™ solution is changing this perception across the world – captured in its current campaign -‘Green is Good for Business’.

In Africa, WorldGSM™ sites have saved upto $24,000 a year per site in diesel expenses alone.This will be of special interest to mobile operators and tower companies alike, as they search for ways to reduce high OPEX on account of huge diesel expenses to power their rural and remote sites in the absence of reliable grid power.

VNL’s solar powered WorldGSM™ Village Base Station (VBTS) will be on display at the stand.

VNL makes the award-winning WorldGSM™ solution – the sustainable GSM & Broadband network infrastructure solution specifically made for areas with ARPUs of less than $2. WorldGSM™ is the first commercially viable GSM & Broadband solution that is independent of the power grid. It requires no grid power or diesel generator backup. It is also designed for simple delivery and deployment by local, untrained workers – all resulting in zero OPEX, dramatically lower CAPEX, and near zero maintenance.

VNL WorldGSM™ Village Site in Africa
VNL WorldGSM™ Village Site in Africa

The next billion subscribers will be coming from rural populations, away from saturated urban markets. If you’re planning on visiting Mobile World Congress 2012, stop by VNL’s stand and see the future of rural voice and data networks. VNL is changing the DNA of rural telecom by providing commercially viable new building blocks that will transform the way you build your networks in the future.

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