Management Team

Rajiv Mehrotra — Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Rajiv Mehrotra, a veteran of the telecom industry, is the Founder and Chairman of the Shyam Group of companies. The group has interests in a wide range of successful telecom ventures, guided by his entrepreneurial vision. In 1974, as a young electronics engineer, Rajiv pioneered the manufacture of low cost satellite TV equipment that brought cable TV to millions of village homes in India. Inspired by this revolution, he took telecom to the masses by installing wireless telephones in over 100,000 Indian villages.

He went on to launch Shyam Telecom, the flagship of the Shyam Group and now a leading name worldwide for mobile coverage solutions. Hexacom (now Bharti Hexacom) was launched by Rajiv in the 1990’s to provide GSM services in Rajasthan, the largest state in India.

Mr. Mehrotra is also the founder of Shyam Telelink Limited (now Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd.), one of the first operators in the world to deploy CDMA technology for fixed wireless services. His efforts established Essel Shyam as the leading name in VSAT services in India.

Rajiv founded VNL (Vihaan Networks Ltd.) in 2004. VNL is based on his vision to take telecom to the next frontier – connecting the billions of unconnected across the world. He sees VNL as a catalyst in the transformation of rural communities through telecom. His vision and wealth of experience, combined with his far-reaching contacts in the telecom industry, makes him the ideal leader for the company.

B.A. Majmudar — Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Majmudar is both COO and a member of the Board of Directors. With a Master of Technology degree from IIT-Kanpur, one of the premier technical universities in India, B.A. Majmudar is also CEO of Shyam Telecom – a global coverage solutions provider that supplies signal enhancement equipment to operators on five continents.

He has broad experience within telecom – managing networks for leading banks, working with AT&T Bell Laboratories in 5ESS switching and Network Management, and planning and implementing cellular networks as V.P. of Engineering at Nynex Mobile (which merged to become Verizon Wireless).

As president of Qualcomm’s south Asia operation to promote CDMA technology, and Qualcomm’s operations in India and other South Asian countries, B.A. Majmudar’s efforts brought CDMA technology to India.

B.A. brings invaluable telecom industry experience and technology expertise to VNL — invaluable for both business and product development.

Udit Mehrotra — Chief Marketing Officer

Udit is both CMO and a member of the Board of Directors. He has been instrumental in creating the overall market strategy for VNL – including defining the market proposition, building a network of partners and developing strategic partnerships. Key to his position is to understand the needs of the customers and stakeholders of the company in rural and remote areas.

His dedicated involvement in Shyam Group has included both regulatory and market aspects of the telecom industry, and he has been actively involved in both telecom regulation and licensing. He also led the international foray of Shyam group through the acquisition of the low power GSM license in UK.

Udit has also worked for several international companies, including Lehman Brothers and Lucent Technologies.

He holds a Master of Science in Telecommunication Management and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, USA.

Sanjeev Kakkar — Chief Strategy Officer

Sanjeev Kakkar has more than 22 years of experience in telecom, encompassing product development, project implementation and operations. Sanjeev has championed indigenous product development in the field of wireless components & systems and delivered many firsts to the Indian market. In 1997, he won the Indian Government’s prestigious National Award for Best Indigenous Technology. Before Joining VNL, Sanjeev served as Chief Technical Officer with Shyam ACeS (a GMPCS service provider). He also served as Board Director of Central Electronics Ltd (a public sector enterprise).

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