Unlocking enormous potential 7 Mar, 2008

The farmer empowered to compare prices for his crop. The fisherman able to phone ahead before deciding which port to choose for selling his catch. Communications empower people by giving them access to new information, new partners and new markets.

Just as microfinance has revolutionised developing economies, microtelecom is set to release the potential locked inside rural communities, helping hundreds of millions of people overcome the limitations of geography.

“If we are interested in eliminating poverty, we have the best chance ever in human history, through telecom.”

Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Prize winner, founder Grameen Bank

Experience has demonstrated and research has verified the impact that even a few mobile telephones make on a remote community.

The potential to transform lives is enormous.


2 comments to “Unlocking enormous potential”

  1. Is the proposed solution offering connectivity to internet as well?

    Written by Manu Sharma on March 11th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

  2. The primary focus is on voice, however, the WorldGSM™ system will contain an optional WiFi port in time.

    Written by Pär Almqvist on March 12th, 2008 at 1:10 am

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