VNL Looking for Partners to Connect the Unconnected in Latin America through Solar Power 26 Oct, 2010

Mobile operators in Latin America now have a way to provide mobile voice and broadband services to rural communities and still turn a profit at 2-3 $ ARPU.

Sao Paulo, Brazil — 26th October, 2010: VNL ( today announced the launch of broadband capability as part of their solar powered telecom infrastructure solutions for the Latin American market. Their award-winning WorldGSM™ solution is solar powered and specifically made for rural areas with ARPUs of less than $2 – $3.

WorldGSM™ is the first commercially available GSM system that is independent of the power grid. It runs exclusively on solar power and requires no diesel generator backup. It is also designed for simple delivery and deployment by local, untrained workers – all resulting in zero OPEX, dramatically lower CAPEX, and near zero maintenance.

High speed broadband internet access enables village children to take advantage of distance learning and other e-learning initiatives, while the village community can utilize the system for e-medicine, e-finance and e-governance tasks. VNL has found a new way to extend networks sustainably using simple, affordable structures that bring voice and broadband connectivity to rural areas, all at a very low ARPU that is attractive to operators.

VNL’s turnkey rural network solution enables rural communities to access mobile phone services and high speed internet (outdoor & indoor) without depending on the power grid or diesel generators to run the network. Traditional models of infrastructure have proved to be unviable in rural areas because of the huge demand for power and the high OPEX as a result of running networks on diesel in the absence of grid power.

Speaking at Futurecom, Rajiv Mehrotra, Founder, Chairman of the Shyam Group of companies said:

“We believe that we have an exciting new range of solutions which are ideal for the markets of Latin America. “The demand for high-speed data networks in rural is a need unmet, and we are here at the right time. Our solar powered rural broadband network solution is an example of affordable and sustainable technology to connect remote communities.

We are actively looking for partners in the region to take our plans forward. The essence of VNL’s vision is to develop strategic local partnerships at all levels. We are also considering investing in manufacturing in Brazil. We are open to technology collaboration with companies based in Brazil to take our solutions to the remote interiors where millions of people are waiting to be connected. We are on a mission to connect the unconnected, and we will share know how to those who join hands with us.

We are also extremely hopeful that the Brazilian Government will find our green solution ideal to connect the unconnected in a sustainable way, paving the way for development. The response from everyone at Futurecom has been tremendous.”

The solutions are on display at Booth # B10, Futurecom, Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil from October 25th through 28th, 2010.


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