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Portable Emergency Communication Box in a Trolley Pack

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PECB-G240 is an integrated, small capacity, 3GPP compliant, completely mobile solution with battery pack, available in all standard GSM frequency bands, providing cellular services – voice, messaging and data - to standard GSM handsets.
For longer hours of operation, an extra battery pack with accessories in a carry-pack is provided for charging. For extending range during operation, a tripod and high gain antenna are packed in another box.
With IP backhaul availability e.g. via a satellite ‘bgan’ terminal, Internet and VoIP operators’ services can be extended to private mobile users.
Multiple such boxes can network on a standard VoIP interface. Thus, multiple teams can have one box each in a single location or a larger team can have multiple boxes in different locations.

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28 concurrent voice calls – congestion free services and reserved capacity for priority users, standalone operation

1000 registered users – allows limited mobile services to large number of cellular phones of affected civilian population

400Kbps uplink and 400 Kbps downlink packet data throughput - upload images and short video clips, enable group chat applications

A day’s operation on single inbuilt battery charge, with an extra battery pack for charging for longer hours of operation

Very low backhaul required for external connectivity – less than 128 Kbps for 28 concurrent voice calls routed to outside networks, local calls and sms switched locally

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