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08 Feb

Changing the face of Karenda.

Feb 08, 2017

At first sight, Karenda looks just like any other village; full of fresh air and happy people. However, on closer inspection, we see how digitization has taken the village to new heights.

Since VNL set up Wi-Fi connectivity for the village in March 2015, there has been an influx of smartphone users and the number continues to grow. The benefits of access to the internet have been manifold, with the villagers taking advantage of better connectivity in all aspects of their lives.


From Smart Classes for the schools to e-Mitra kiosks for easier access to government facilities, Karenda has integrated technology into their lives well. The children use the internet to keep up with the latest in sports and movies, and those with relatives abroad find it easier to get in touch through VoIP applications. Access to the internet has also allowed the local farmers to expand their business beyond the confines of the village, while also helping them learn about the modern methods of farming.


Using solar power to provide Wi-Fi also ensured that more than being a green solution, the dependence on electricity has also been overcome. Once fully charged, the set-up beams uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals for 3 days.

It is imperative to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas and Karenda is a prime example of how it can be achieved. The lives of the people have changed forever, and perhaps it’s not so ahead in the future that we see many more villages follow suit.


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