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08 Dec

BSNL CMD talks about Connecting the Unconnected in LWE

Dec 08, 2016

10 states, 106 districts, 22,688 connected villages and 18 million connected citizens using 39 lakh mobile connections. That’s the impact of the 2199 green mobile towers that BSNL has set up in LWE affected states in record time, according to MrAnupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL while speaking in a programme about connecting unconnected parts of India, on Economy Today on 7th December 2016.

“When you bring telecom connectivity to those parts of the country that have no electricity, roads or other infrastructure, you cannot imagine the social and economic impact that is unleashed as a result. And when such a project is implemented in record time in those areas that are worst affected by Left-Wing Extremists, the benefits and multipliers are even greater,” remarked Mr. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL, in an interactive conversation on Economy Today, telecast by DD News on 7th December 2016.

He was proudly recounting BSNL’s experience of setting up the world’s largest green mobile network in LWE affected areas under a mandate from the PMO, supported by the Indian Government and funded by the Universal Service Obligation Fund.

Acknowledging that project implementation was a function of unprecedented co-ordination and understanding among the various government bodies involved, Mr. Shrivastava mentioned that private sector vendors, of whom VNL is the leading contributor, helped BSNL with indigenously developed technology, products and expertise and stood by them against all odds at various stages of execution. This not only proves the credentials of Indian companies against international telecom giants, but also gives us confidence to execute similar projects abroad. Some features of this unique mobile connectivity project are:

  1. Major milestone under the PM’s PRAGATI (Pro-active Governance and Timely Implementation) Paryojana, monitored closely by the PMO.
  2. A feather in the cap of the Make In India’ program as it was executed by Indian companies using Indian technology and products.
  3. Uses sustainable technology and is off-grid – all towers and equipment on them are solar powered, with enough power generated in 1 day to last even 5 non-sunny days.
  4. Is a major step in realising the Digital India dream, which seeks to connect the deepest interiors of the country.

Mr. Srivastava went on to describe how the government plans to execute a similar project in India’s North Eastern Region, and how BSNL was looking forward to implementing that with similar precision and dedication to the nation.

Watch the entire interview here.

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