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21 Sep

In conversation with DD News on #DigitalIndia and #IndianTelecom

By: Devika Keswani
Sep 21, 2017

In a recent interview with DD News, Rajiv Mehrotra, Charmian, VNL gave several insights into the #DigitalIndia program, the scenario of the Indian telecom health and the policies that will set the course of the Indian telecom industry for the future. Below is the gist of the interview:

Q: Is the government policy going in the right direction?

RM: The government is going to places such as the LWE areas - regions which were untouched by connectivity since the last 21 years. With no access to proper roads or electricity for that matter, together with BSNL, VNL set up solar powered sites in these tough terrains. After the success of this project, the next project will be the North East connectivity project. No doubt, the government is doing a great job here.

Q: How does this impact Make in India?

RM: First, it is important to understand the difference between the assembler and the manufacturer. An assembler merely collects and brand the products which are foreign products. We forget these foreign techniques may not be feasible for our Indian rural markets. We need to apply the indigenous solution which is Made in India, for India. We are doing the same in not just Indian markets, but in LATAM, Africa and so on. The government has a major role to play here, by leveraging policies such as the USO.

The interview went on further to explore answers to questions such as Rajiv Mehrotra's opinion on the new telecom policy? How India is incentivizing the domestic companies? How can digital literacy be ensured in Rural India? and so on.

You can watch the interview below.

In case you have more questions, you can tweet with @vnl_india and we will get them answered by Rajiv Mehrotra.

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