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24 Feb

Karenda’s e-Education experiment: letting students learn better

By: Chandni Goel
Feb 24, 2017

Did you ever wonder as a kid, why school was so boring? Why the text book was so dry and without much visual content? Why your teachers couldn’t make lessons more interesting and interactive? Well I sure did, but eventually, like most urban kids back then I discovered the Internet. Now, I wish schools all across the country were able to impart e-Education to students in even the remotest corners so that no child misses out on the e-learning experience since education goes way beyond the textbook and blackboard.

In some places, the movement has already begun, and that makes me hopeful that students in rural India will eventually have the same opportunities as their urban counterparts. Consider the case of Karenda, a Digital Village enabled by VNL in Rajasthan. VNL has brought connectivity to the doorstep of villagers in Karenda which in turn has facilitated e-Education.

VNL’s SmartClass has transformed learning and has also made the lives of teachers and the school administration simpler. Curriculum is now interactive, with audio visual content being available on all subjects for all classes. Students can connect to the Internet instantly, and search. Teachers can plan their lessons better. A biometric system has made it easier for teachers to track attendance. At the heart of all this is the broadband connectivity that VNL has enabled.

The children are eager to learn now and are full of questions as they have the convenience of the Internet answering their questions. Students in Karenda are actively downloading e-books and watching videos to learn better. They are also rewarded with some fun and games’ time on the SmartClass after a good performance! This has been a hugely successful pilot project for VNL and BSNL, and they’re now eager to roll it out across the country. Soon, e-Education in each school, no matter where it is situated, is likely to become a reality.

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