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10 May

Simplifying access to healthcare with connectivity

By: Chandni Goel
May 10, 2017

Access to quality healthcare is always a challenge in rural areas. Villagers rarely get the benefit of quality doctors and clinics and hospitals with modern facilities unless they travel long distances. Residents of Karenda, a modest village in Alwar, Rajasthan, faced exactly this situation until recently. Because the nearest hospital is 50 kms away, the sick and elderly in the village had to travel a long way to get medical treatment, thereby losing precious money and time.

Ever since VNL’s mobile and broadband network was deployed in Karenda, however, villagers have been enjoying e-Education, e-Governance, e-Banking and e-Health services.

One of the beneficiaries of a recent tele-medicine camp at Karenda, was Haji Usman, 83, who had been struggling with multiple health problems for a while. Due to old age and limited mobility, he was unable to visit a doctor for regular check-ups. Broadband connectivity enabled by VNL made it possible for Haji Usman to consult with a doctor in the city, virtually.

The check up and consultation, which lasted close to half an hour, was as close to a face-to-face consultation as possible. Dr. Aparna Singhal, GP, was able to chat at length with the patient and understand his health problems. The entire exchange between the doctor and patient took place seamlessly through the Internet, while the doctor’s assistant conducted local examination of the patient via tele-medicine-ready equipment. All information was relayed to the doctor online, who in turn prescribed medicine and further course of action right away.

According to the doctor, tele-medicine is the way forward for providing access to better healthcare in rural areas. It saves a lot of time and effort for both patients and doctors. Doctors who are unable to travel long distances to provide treatment in rural areas can now easily get in touch with patients via e-Health applications and fill the gap in rural healthcare. VNL is proud to be associated with this movement by enabling round the clock broadband connectivity.

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