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27 Feb

Thank You World, says Karenda

By: Chandni Goel
Feb 27, 2017

Recently, telecom ministers and their teams from Bangladesh and Bhutan, and senior telecom officials from Indonesia, Malawi, Tanzania, Cambodia and Laos visited Karenda. The trip was organized by VNL, the company behind the village’s digital transformation. The delegation visited the government school in the village and was pleasantly surprised to see how seamlessly the students have adapted to a digital classroom. They interacted with students, the school management and other people from the village to understand how connectivity has changed lives for them. They were inspired after citizens told them that life has become easier, once they got connected.

The school management shared with the delegation that enrolment in the school has increased as most parents want their children to grow up being connected to the world. With the Internet available with a click, classes are much more interactive now and students are demonstrating a high level of interest in the subject matter since the curriculum got digitized. Villagers also shared stories of how easily they were able to make banking transactions online during the recent demonetization period and it has become a habit since then. The village now has an e-Mitra booth where they can get their government documents like Aadhar cards made quickly and cheaply, without having to travel long distances.

When one member from the delegation pointed out that there wasn’t a hospital nearby and healthcare in the village must be a challenge, the people were quick to point out that since getting internet connectivity, e-healthcare has come to the rescue many times.

Farmers now have the web to check the current crop prices so as to earn fair deals for their produce now. A delegate from Indonesia was quick to admit that the farmers in the island country could hugely benefit from such an initiative. The delegation left the village thoroughly impressed and with a vision to implement similar solutions in their countries as soon as possible.

The people in Karenda now live with the satisfaction of knowing that not only are they inspiring other villages in the country to go Digital, but also world leaders from different countries are drawing inspiration from their story.

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