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06 Sep

VNL’s Chairman, Rajiv Mehrotra speaks on IoT at the IoT India Summit 2017

By: Devika Keswani
Sep 06, 2017

VNL’s Chairman, Rajiv Mehrotra speaks on IoT at the IoT India Summit 2017

Rajiv Mehrotra, VNL’s Chairman was invited to speak at the IoT India Summit 2017, which was concluded on 6th September 2017, at The Lalit, New Delhi. The event is a first of its kind on a large scale to talk about Internet of Things in India.

This year being the big bang launch of the 5G / IoT technologies, these keywords have been buzzing with telecom veterans and media alike. The IoT India Summit 2017 focused on how IoT can change the game for India.

Being a telecom veteran himself, Rajiv Mehrotra threw many points which left the media and delegates to ponder over the factors which will play an important role in cultivating and sustaining IoT. Telecom being a highly regulated industry, requires many reforms to foster the IoT. While the state and national departments are working on making this happen, Rajiv Mehrotra threw light on how to manage spectrum effectively in order to achieve IoT goals for #DigitalIndia.

“IoT will change everything for better. Productivity & quality of life will increase tremendously. Globally, spectrum de-licensing is already underway. Europe is leading charge. We need to catch up.”, suggested Rajiv Mehrotra.

“Spectrum management is the key for cracking IoT. It can’t be left to mobile operators. India needs to delicense 2 MHZ spectrum in 800/900/1800/1900 bands just like Wi-fi so that innovation happens.”, he further added.

The audience surely agreed with Mr. Mehrotra’s views and while we wait for IoT to realize its full potential, VNL is gearing up to make rural and remote locations in every corner of the world to become fully ready for the IoT revolution. A lot of R&D in our solutions will enable remote users to enjoy the benefits of IoT, and ensure connectivity is put to best use. The IoT revolution will of course reach the connected world first, and we want to ensure, the whole world is connected!



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