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21 Sep

We agree - Needed, a policy to boost Indian R&D: ET Editorials

By: Namit
Sep 21, 2016

Telecom is hot right now. Interconnect, call-drops, TRAI, spectrum are all in the news. But perhaps it's time to take a step back and view the sector with a long-term perspective. That the sector will grow at breakneck pace is a no-brainer. But what about targeting self-sufficiency in this area? Currently, there is a huge dependency on foreign technology and suppliers. The world over, governments mandate the use of domestically designed and manufactured equipment over imported equipment. True, our government too has a policy of encouraging indigenous R&D and manufacture, but what's needed, perhaps, is a far more serious program of nurturing the domestic telecom industry. In this context, an editorial in the Economic Times of 21st Sep 2016 is a clarion call to the government and industry. Ironically, it singles out just one domestic player that is focused on R&D based manufacture of telecom equipment in India, and that is us!

India’s telecom giants have two obsessions: battling one another and getting more spectrum for use without succumbing to price gouging by the monopolist owner, the government of India. Contrast this with what China’s telecom giant is up to... Click here to read the editorial blog.

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