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The VNL’s LTE Core Network solution is optimized for deploying and operating mobile networks efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Core network nodes are integrated, ensuring simple management, reliability and availability. The system is agile and scalable to meet mobile network requirements of subscriber density, signalling load and throughput without impacting end user experience.

LTE Core supports flexible deployment topologies – both centralized and distributed. The LTE Core consists of EPC and IMS functionality to support VoLTE, ViLTE and SMS services. The LTE Core runs on carriergrade Intel based servers. Software provides analytics which can be used by operator for getting network insights.

LTE Core consists of integrated MME, SGW, PGW, PCRF, HSS and IMS functions.

  • Faster Time To Market
  • Runs on Carrier Grade Servers – No proprietary hardware
  • Integrated Nodes – Simple management
  • Reliable and Robust Solution
  • Scalable and Flexible to meet varying traffic requirements

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