Microtelecom: The Social Dividends

Just as microfinance has revolutionised developing economies, microtelecom is set to release the potential locked inside rural communities, helping hundreds of millions of people overcome the limitations of geography.

Experience has demonstrated and research has verified the impact that even a few mobile telephones make on a remote community.

“A 10% increase in a country’s level of mobile penetration results in a 1.2% increase in GDP.”

- GSM Association

The advantage of having a phone could dramatically change a local villager’s life. A fisherman, returning from a day at sea, could call ahead and learn who is buying at a higher price and go directly to the harbour of choice. A doctor in a nearby city could call to check on a patient, instead of making a long, arduous trip.

The WiFi capability of the WorldGSM® system adds further social benefits to rural communities, including e-health, e-government and access to important financial services. Children in the villages could take advantage of distance learning. The uses for telecom are manifold. Communications empower people by giving them access to new information, new partners and new markets.

“If we are interested in eliminating poverty, we have the best chance ever in human history, through telecom.”

- Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Prize winner, founder Grameen Bank

The potential to transform lives is enormous.

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