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The new VNL website

Our new website is up. It’s the start of the microtelecom revolution. And you’re invited!

The website you’re looking at is actually the culmination of 4+ years of research. As we decided to create a GSM system that would help bring connectivity to billions of people in rural communities, we embarked on a journey that’s taken us to the farthest corners of the world – meeting the very people that our technology and ideas are designed for.

Early on, we realized that we’d have to explore entirely new terroritory. To take sophisticated communication technology and scale it down to meet the demands of rural communities requires new thinking.

And we saw that the four cornerstones of what we were creating were:


It’s always easier to create something complex, because it’s so complex to simplify. But this is what we’ve done – boiled down mobile communication to its very essence.

Back to the website, it reflects our journey and is an invitation for you to take part in the microtelecom revolution.

Whether you’re a mobile operator looking to reach new growth markets, a journalist looking for a good story, a job-seeker interested in career opportunities, or an equipment vendor interesting in become a channel partner; is made for you.

The microtelecom revolution has started, and you’re invited to join us!

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