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Vihaan Networks Limited announces Digital Villages, Enterprise and Disaster-relief solutions at India ASEAN ICT Expo 2017.

India ASEAN ICT Expo 2017

6th December, Jakarta, Indonesia – Vihaan Networks Limited announces Digital Villages, Enterprise and Disaster-relief solutions at India ASEAN ICT Expo 2017.

India based telecom equipment and solution provider, Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL) showcased their latest array of solutions for rural areas, enterprises, and disaster reliefat the Indo-ASEAN ICT Expo 2017 being held at Hotel Shangri-La in Jakarta over 6th-7th December. 

  • Digital Villages deliver ICT-led growth by bringing mobile and broadband connectivity to rural and remote areas,
  • Enterprise networks ‘mobilise’ existing PBXs, and boost productivity by allowing ‘anywhere-anytime’ access to workers on campus,
  • ResQMobil brings timely relief by restoring communication, and aids in search and rescue operations during disasters

Speaking on the occasion, VNL Founder Chairman Mr. Rajiv Mehrotra said, “Our Indonesia project, completed its collaboration with Indonesia-based satellite service provider MatraMandiri Prima (MMP), marks another successful chapter in our mission to connect the unconnected. We have taken the first step by enabling connectivity for 15,000 people in the country, and our aim is to multiply this number significantly every year.”

Indonesia continues to struggle to connect its rural and remote inhabitants, as an estimated 8000 villages across the island nation still remain unconnected. VNL’s Digital Villages’ project with MMP has successfully managed to extend connectivity to 33 remote villages across Papua and West Sulawesi. This has been a small yet significant step towards bridging the digital divide in the island nation.

VNL is also working closely with Bakti, the Universal Service Fund for Indonesia, to help realise Indonesia’s digital dreams. In India, VNL has successfully partnered with USOF, the Indian Universal Service Fund, to setup the world’s largest green mobile network in Left-Wing Extremism affected regions, impacting over 22,000 villages, and is poised to bring connectivity to India’s hitherto unconnected North East Region, too. Other success stories include digitization of 20 villages in Bhutan, 40 villages in Peru and numerous villages in Mexico and African countries.

VNL is constantly innovating, and in addition to rural connectivity, has also developed solutions for enterprise connectivity and disaster management. VNL's enterprise connectivity solution is designed to meet the communication needs of both urban and remote enterprises in the form of a standalone GSM network or a GSM extension for existing PBX networks. Industrial setups like mines and plantations across Indonesia stand to gain a lot with this cost-effective, unified communication platform.

VNL also launched ResQMobil - a portfolio of solutions for effective disaster management at the ICT Expo in Jakarta. ResQMobil by VNL is a portable, integrated emergency communication, search and rescue solution fit for emergency response at disaster-affected sites and has been designed to work in different scenarios including natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods and tsunamis.

ResQMobil helps in rapidly setting up an autonomous cellular network for first-responders, search and rescue through location tracking of buried and injured civilians and aggregation of information across technologies and platforms to help provide authorities with actionable information. It is the most relevant solution for effective disaster management in recent times.


Apart from developing mobile and broadband solutions for rural and remote locations, India-based VNL designs and manufactures rapidly deployable networks for disaster and emergency situations. It also makes secure communication platforms for urban and remote enterprises and homeland security. VNL's pioneering work has been widely praised and won several accolades.


MatraMandiri Prima (MMP) is a leading provider of data based telecommunication services and satellite services in Indonesia.

For further information, please contact:

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Head - Marketing &Communication,
Vihaan Networks Ltd
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Director Business Development
Vihaan Networks Ltd
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