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VNL launches ResQMobil

28th September 2017. New Delhi. India.

The world launch of ResQMobil, VNL’s portable emergency communication, search and rescue system took place at the India Mobile Congress 2017 today.

Because public communication networks are the first casualty in most disasters, first-responders and public safety agencies need a dedicated communication system to be setup and deployed at the disaster site within hours, to minimize disaster impact. VNL’s ResQMobil is an integrated solution that can be made operational in less than an hour, providing Voice, Video & Data connectivity to the world.


ResQMobil aids emergency response by not only providing an independent communication network to first responders, but also supports search and rescue operations by providing mobile location of affected civilians, and integrates with different legacy radio networks to provide actionable information to authorities seeking a bigger picture.

It can be tailored to specific area or country requirements and is designed to work during all natural and man-made disasters including earthquakes, storms, floods and tsunamis, fires, and terrorist, chemical or nuclear attacks.

ResQMobil packs in the following hardware into a trailer that can be easily airdropped to disaster sites and can be setup in a matter of minutes:

1. GSM Network-in-a box with integrated BTS, BSC, MSC HLR, etc. for establishing an independent communication network, instantly.

2. Geo-locator to help locate people who maybe trapped under rubble, by locating mobile phones.

3. Universal gateway for patching communication over various platforms eg, HF, VHF to mobile or PSTN networks.

ResQMobil can connect to the outside world with available backhaul, including satellite, enabled through appropriate arrangements with operators. In this context, VNL  has partnered with BSNL, the state-owned operator, to provide disaster relief services not only in India, but also to SAARC and other countries.

ResQMobil is targeted at disaster management agencies such as India’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) , their state counterparts, and similar agencies in the SAARC region.

Speaking at the launch, VNL’s Founder Chairman Mr Rajiv Mehrotra said, “Considering the recent spate of natural disasters that have hit the world, a solution like ResQMobil has never been more relevant. We are committed to assisting first responders and public safety agencies in restoring connectivity and minimizing the impact of disasters using technology. We’re proud to be associated with BSNL, our partners on other connectivity projects as well, and with whom we share common objectives and values.”

To know more about ResQMobil, please visit or contact +91 124 265 7600.


Apart from developing rapidly deployable networks for disaster and emergency situations, India-based VNL designs, manufactures, installs and operates sustainable, mobile and broadband solutions for rural and remote locations. It also makes secure communication platforms for homeland security, communications and remote industrial centres.

VNL’s pioneering work has been widely praised. During Mobile World Congress, 2010, in Barcelona, VNL was the recipient of GSMA’s 2010 ‘Green Mobile - Best Green Programme Product or Initiative’ Award. VNL was also named a ‘Technology Pioneer 2010’ by The World Economic Forum. In addition, VNL was named the third most innovative company, and the most innovative telecom company in the world, in the Wall Street Journal’s annual Technology Innovation Awards in 2009.

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