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VNL to showcase WorldGSMTM & Omoco at CommunicAsia 2016, Singapore

VNL to showcase WorldGSMTM & Omoco at CommunicAsia 2016, Singapore

Invites Telecom Fraternity to India to witness Wireless Technological breakthrough

Singapore; May 31, 2016: Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL), the global pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing solar powered rural and enterprise Telecommunications network solutions, today announced its participation in CommunicAsia 2016, scheduled from 31 May to 3 June at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

During the event VNL will showcase WorldGSMTM - solar powered GSM and Broadband solution that provides long-lasting, solar-bundled telecommunications solution that is already delivering the transformative capability of cellular and broadband services to rural geographies in India and across the world, outside the reach of the optic-fibre led telecommunications network footprint.

VNL will also showcase OMOCO – a Do-it-yourself – GSM Network In-A-Box that can help communities located in remote areas /islands and enterprises who wish to control their telecommunications costs and bring mobility at their doorstep.

At the launch of the exhibition, Mr. Shashwat Nagpal, Head – Marketing & Communications, VNL, said Telecom operators are best equipped for the role of networking. VNL has been able to connect millions of rural consumers, globally, through our efficient infrastructure that has created boom in the industry. We welcome the members of the telecom fraternity to visit India to witness, recognize and appreciate the phenomenal tech-innovation of these solutions at this scale and size and its nature that is largest of its type in the world”.


The solutions by VNL have led to the deployment of world’s largest green telecom network spread across 10 states in India, the country known as world’s second-largest telecom market, as well as helped the regions facing geographical conundrums in all five continents other than Australia.

Considering that the communities across South-East Asian countries face geographical and technological challenges similar to the hinterland in India, these solutions hold the key to telecom-connectivity in this region. The offerings have USPs of overcoming the challenges of lack of connectivity and erratic power supply as they specialize in providing solar-bundled solutions that are cost-effective and affordable to the extent that they are viable for Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) as low as $3 and thus affordable for rural as well as enterprise customers.


Through its presence at this exhibition VNL is looking forward to invite the potential partners to visit India and see the solutions in working conditions.

“VNL has deployed WorldGSM™ solution at a congregation of three villages, 90 KM from Delhi, disconnected from the telecom and broadband revolution.

The deployment of these solutions has helped the three villages with a cumulative population of 2500 persons by bringing in socio-economic changes and upliftment of the direct stakeholders and the neighboring communities, within a span of 18 months.


The cases in point here are the villages’ Solar-powered Digital School and E-Governance set-up by a local entrepreneur. The school has been transformed with the advent of solar powered digital education that utilizes the content provided by the broadband connection in the rural hinterland, unconnected till now.


The villagers who had to travel for at least 30 KM to gain access to the various social-benefitting schemes by the Government, have come under the ambit of the schemes with a click of a button at the E-Governance set-up in the village.”

The advent of such revolutions has the capability to change the dynamics of social fabric and communication that exemplifies their sheer power of innovation to bring about positive changes in society.


For further information, please contact:

Shashwat Nagpal

Head – Marketing & Communications

Phone - +91 98715 79846

Singapore: (During the event) +6591187318


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