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Surface Surveillance Radar

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VNL's Surface Surveillance Radar (SSR) is an advanced, high-resolution radar for immediate and simultaneous detection, monitoring and tracking of moving objects in its area of supervision, and functions even during rough weather. Compact, light-weight and ruggedised, the radar has an integrated display and a GPS, and interoperates with E/O sensors as well as command and control systems, making it highly reliable. It can be handheld or can be rapidly deployed on a tripod/mast for fixed locations. 

Available in 3 different models: SCK09 with a range of 900m, SCK15 with a range of 1500m and SCK30 ranging 3000m. 

  • Compact, lightweight for rapid deployment
  • Accurate and efficient: range accuracy of 1m, and Azimuth accuracy of 1º 
  • Instant, continuous monitoring with a low false alarm rate 
  • Integrated display, GPS and battery backup
  • Handheld; tripod, pole/wall mountable
  • Near-zero maintenance 

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  • Handheld Surface Surveillance Radar


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