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Bi-Static Microwave Barrier

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VNL’s Long-range Microwave Barrier is a bi-static microwave barrier for outdoor applications. Designed to protect large areas, it is an advanced detector utilizing state of the art microwave technology, eliminating false alarms while maintaining high security standards for the detection of human intruders into a protected area. It comprises a transmitter and a receiver which, when mounted facing each other, create a perimeter protection with a coverage of up to 300m.


  • Quick and simple installation on pole, wall or fence
  • Easy to configure; low false alarm rate
  • Detects human walking, running or crawling
  • Excellent detection probability 
  • Immune to movements of birds and small animals 
  • Sensitivity adjustment; automatic range adjustment
  • Zero maintenance; low power consumption 
  • Waterproof, sealed plastic design 
  • RFI and EMI immunity 

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