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WorldGSM™ Village Site

The smallest, most energy-efficient GSM Base Station ever built

Where no base station has ever gone before

The WorldGSM™ Village Site is an important part of the overall WorldGSM™ deployment strategy. While our Rural Site is a ground-based tower, the Village Site is designed for rooftop or ground deployment in villages.

The Village Site has a 6 or 9 metre pole with an Omni antenna on top, solar panels, batteries and the BlueBox™ BTS – a complete 1 or 2 TRX BTS. The entire Village Site only requires 50 watts to function.

Unlike traditional GSM Base Stations, the Village Site needs no shelter, air conditioning, mains power, generator or diesel fuel. It’s designed to be carted to site and assembled in hours by untrained local workers.

GSM was never so attainable.


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