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Smart Classes Solution

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Smart Classes are derivatives of the Digital Villages program.

VNL's solutions enable rural communities to access high speed internet without the need for connection to the power grid or diesel generators. High speed broadband internet access enables village children to take advantage of distance learning and other e-learning initiatives. Village residents can also access the internet for e-finance and e-governance-related tasks.

The most obvious benefits are digitization of records, attendance and examination papers. But the gains are much more far-reaching in the area of e-Education. Students can not only get access to instant information about anything, but learn much better when digital classrooms open up the possibility of live and experiential education. A digital classroom is often no more than a connected computer attached to a projector, but it opens up new magical worlds to students. On the other hand teachers can prepare better lesson plans and engage in participative teaching a lot easier. Learning becomes much more fun, and enrollment increases dramatically. What’s more, the fun can multiply many times over when tablets are distributed, or when students use smartphones even when classes are over!

  • Solar power enabled: No grid power, diesel generator or air conditioning required
  • Low Cost
  • Zero OPEX
  • Compact and rapidly deployable; no shelters required
  • Fully GSM standards compliant
  • Cascading Star Architecture

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