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Wireless Network Services For Rural Schools

Rural Wireless Broadband Services
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Education is one of the fundamental rights of every Indian citizen, and the building block of a prosperous future. Yet, millions of children are deprived of this right because of lack of adequate infrastructure. Faster access to the Internet can help bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities. VNL’s Rural Broadband Solution is a totally solar powered and standalone wireless broadband solution that can be deployed to provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage anywhere.

  • 4-6 laptops per school with large 32” monitors
  • Internet Connectivity via VSAT or Point-to-Point Radio
  • Training for teaching staff to operate systems efficiently
  • 1 multifunction printer (scan, copy, print)
  • Solar-powered system
  • RFID & biometric reader
  • Wi-Fi access point
  • Public address system

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