We’re the billions of people who live in rural areas, and we’re willing to pay for telecom services.

WorldGSM™ Solutions

For the first time, there’s a viable way to serve rural communities with affordable mobile communications.

While major equipment vendors focus on the latest services for developed, urban markets, VNL has re-engineered GSM to make it fit for a whole new purpose. WorldGSM™ is the first full-fledged mobile infrastructure that’s completely independent of the power grid. WorldGSM™ is a new approach to delivering profitable mobile services to unserved rural areas across the world. It’s the first example of microtelecom, the re-engineering of telecommunications to meet the needs of rural and remote communities.

WorldGSM™ is a complement to existing GSM networks, extending them to seize the rural opportunity. It is:

  • Low Power – At less than 50 watts per village base station, the entire system can be run on solar power — independent of the power grid. No diesel generator is required.
  • Low Cost – A fraction of the cost of traditional GSM base stations; profitable at very low densities and ARPUs.
  • Fully GSM Standards Compliant – Easily links to existing networks, dramatically extending their reach.
  • Self-Contained – With BSC and MSC functionality integrated and deployed in the field on base station towers.
  • Self-Deploying – The entire WorldGSM™ base station packs into boxes and can be transported by simple, local means such as a cart or boat. It is easily installed by unskilled local workers. No buildings, power, air conditioning.
  • Near-Zero Maintenance – update software remotely and perform simple swap repairs if needed.
  • Cascading Star Architecture™ – a unique, modular architecture optimised for low-cost rural expansion; with local switching to minimise backhaul.

By cutting costs, reducing power consumption and simplifying installation and maintenance, WorldGSM™ has extended the reach of the world’s operators into markets they could never before serve.

No other GSM solution costs so little, uses so little power and is so small and easy to deploy. This makes it the ideal solution for seizing the massive opportunity represented by rural areas.

Deployment Options

WorldGSM™ is deployed in site configurations to support rural deployment, giving low cost coverage of entire rural areas or along roads and arteries by combining free-standing Rural Site base stations with rooftop-mounted Village Sites.

The deployment options can be easily combined into a single WorldGSM™ network or as simple extensions to any existing GSM network.

WorldGSM™ Services

The company that designed and engineered the WorldGSM™ system also supports operators with a range of services that help make the most of the rural opportunity:

  • Professional Services
    The WorldGSM™ team includes some of the most experienced telecom executives and engineers in the industry. We’ll help you size and scope markets; design WorldGSM™ networks to address them; develop business models and service plans; then help you roll out your network and your business.
  • Operations and Maintenance
    VNL can operate the entire WorldGSM™ network for you, as a complete managed service or on a risk-sharing basis. Or we can provide comprehensive maintenance services to keep the network up and running, trouble-free.

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