WorldGSM™ Services

The company that designed and engineered the WorldGSM™ system also supports operators with a range of services that help make the most of the rural opportunity.

Professional Services

The WorldGSM™ team includes some of the most experienced telecom executives and engineers in the industry. Our services include:

  • Market Sizing and Scoping
    To establish market opportunities, survey risks and estimate revenue and profitability levels for different strategies.
  • Network Design
    Comprehensive network design services to ensure the right infrastructure is built for the market opportunity, with the ability to roll-out cost-effectively.
  • Business Consulting
    Developing the best business models, pricing plans, partner strategies, rollout and marketing programs.
  • Network Deployment
    Complete implementation services from site selection to network planning to installation.

Operations and Maintenance

The VNL team has deep experience in running profitable mobile networks. Our operations services include:

  • Full Outsourcing
    Operating the entire WorldGSM™ network for you, as a complete managed service or on a risk-sharing basis.
  • Network Maintenance Services
    Comprehensive maintenance services to keep the network up and running, trouble-free.

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