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Airport Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

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VNL's PIDS for Airport Perimeter Security is a 7-layer intrusion detection system for real-time, preemptive prevention against intrusion attempts at perimeters of airports that are tough to guard manually, 24x7. All the data from the 7-layer lock system merges at an automated command and control centre, helping airport authorities to constantly monitor the vulnerable perimeter points, track unwanted activity and to apprehend intruders. 

  • Real-time monitoring and dissemination of intelligence with advanced Command and Control software 
  • Intrusion localisation up to node level 
  • Remote individual sensor sensitivity control 
  • Day-night operation 
  • Low false alarm rate; sensitivity adjustment 
  • Tamper alarm; 24X7 operation  
  • Integration with other systems via SDK and API 
  • Live monitoring with intrusion localisation

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