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SISR - Smart Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

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VNL’s mobile and relocatable Smart ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) system provides comprehensive surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting solutions for ground forces that can be fully customized to deliver effective intelligence in a broad range of operational scenarios. The solution offers multi-range options for surveillance, tracking and targeting; utilising a combination of day and night sensors, radar and laser range finders/designators. 

  • Realtime 24x7, 360º situational awareness, intelligence collection and dissemination 
  • Data collection from on-board and remote wireless sensors 
  • Seamless voice, video and data integration with C4I and other external systems 
  • Secures hard-to-reach locations; ideal for situations requiring permanent or semi-permanent surveillance 
  • Provides surveillance in case of inclement weather conditions such as rain and fog 

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