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Tactical LTE Communication System - Standalone Network-in-One-Box

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VNL’s Tactical LTE Communication System is a rapidly deployable, easily configurable on-field communication solution with a vehicle-mount option, making it ready and quickly transportable for use during critical missions. It has an integrated LTE Network-in-One-Box (NiOB) that facilitates its standalone mode, which means it works without having any connectivity to the backhaul network.  You can use it to connect multiple field locations, or to extend connectivity from Base to a remote location, or beyond.

  • Outdoor class: IP65 standard
  • Multiple backhaul options: Fibre, VSAT, Radio
  • Interconnection with existing CDMA network
  • Inter-Op with existing legacy HF/UHF/VHF
  • Power optimised
  • Integrated site: remote field office with PBX, auto-aligning IP backhaul

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