Wrap Up of Futurecom, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 5 Nov, 2010

Futurecom is the largest telecom conference and trade show in South America, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil every Autumn, bringing over 15,000 attendees from over 40 countries. This year, VNL hosted a 150 sqm booth located at B10.

VNL at Futurecom 2010

At the show, we announced that we were actively looking for both resellers and manufacturing partners. As a company focused on being green and socially responsible, VNL is looking to manufacture or source most of the components locally that are not part of our core business, and our mission is to create these jobs locally with local partners. Some of our staff were able to tour different local factories (enjoying a delicious lunch of spicy pan-fried crocodile during one road trip!) to ascertain the capabilities of potential partners. This is a critically important goal for VNL. Shipping steel to the farthest corners of the planet from India, while feasible, is not the most green or socially responsible methodology available. Our business model is to do good while building a profitable business, and our business is low power GSM and broadband for rural areas.

VNL at Futurecom 2010

The introduction of broadband to our offering caused a stir with local operators. Many were incredulous when they saw the technology at the booth and were inspired to get started. They immediately understood how VNL’s WorldGSM™ technology could impact the rural areas of their countries and were eager to learn more.

VNL at Futurecom 2010

Rajiv Mehrotra, Founder, Chairman & CEO of VNL was interviewed by Telesemana where he discussed why VNL was entering the Latin America market and the synergies between India and Brazil. He also presented “Using Solar Power to Deploy Networks in Low Economy Rural Areas” which was well attended by operators, press and analysts.


WiMax – not the rural choice 31 Mar, 2008

“WiMax is still a niche technology and limited to enterprise and high-end residential users in urban India.”

Research firm Gartner Group says WiMax will remain a niche technology, and predicts that India will only have 6.9 million mobile and fixed WiMax connections by the end of 2011.

So far, India has only 3.4 million broadband subscribers (Jan 2008) – less than half of the 9 million target, says Gartner’s principal research analyst Naresh Singh.

“The rollout of mobile WiMax in India is not clear, but service providers here appear to be taking 3G more seriously than WiMax at the moment.”