Kamla Bhatt Blog: “VNL’s Solar Powered End-to-End GSM Network” 23 Jul, 2008

India has the fastest growing mobile subscriber base in the world and is now ranked 2nd right after China. In order to grow its mobile consumer base Indian and Chinese telecom operators have recognized there is a need to reach out to the rural areas and provide viable, sustainable and efficient telecom infrastructure before they can roll out mobile services to them.

For instance, in India there has been a strong emphasis in rolling out mobile infrastructure to the rural market by operators like Airtel and there has been talk about sharing of infrastructure between the telecom operators.

While telecom operators appear to have figured out how to manufacture low-cost handsets they are still working on how to manufacture low-cost, rugged telecom infrastructure that can be deployed in the rural areas of these countries. A central challenge for expansion has been the high cost of energy bills, non-availability of engineers or trained technicians along with the high cost of transportation. VNL, an Indian-Swedish telecom company headed by Anil Raj recently introduced a new product: solar based GSM -system that appears to clearly address the needs and challenges in rolling out mobile infrastructure into rural areas. Raj helped found Hutchinson India in 1994., which underwent quite a few changes and owners before becoming part of Vodafone.

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The missing piece of infrastructure 18 Mar, 2008

Mobile phone subscriptions increased 100 fold between 1990 and 2002. Despite this massive increase, the largest uncovered territories on the 1990 map remained the largest on the 2002 map.

Why? Simply because focus has been on expanding coverage in urban, high-density areas. And because the appropriate infrastructure has been lacking.

Growth has continued exponentially since 2002, but billions are still unconnected for the same reasons. This is exactly what Microtelecom will change.

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