The human chimney 14 Apr, 2008

China emits 1000 tonnes of CO2 every 9.2 seconds. Russia takes 22 seconds to emit the same amount. And the US is leading with 1000 tonnes every 5.4 seconds.

Every minute, these three countries combined emit approximately 20,360 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 20,360,000 kilograms. Which is the same weight as 290 fully loaded Boeing 737 jetplanes, 34,000 Tata Nano’s, or 254,300 average Finnish men. Every 60 seconds.

All this is calculated from a the carbon dioxide emissions simulation at

It’s not until we see visualisations of emission and consumption that we truly understand the scale of human impact on our planet. We’ve written about this before in posts like “Shocking images of unsustainability ” and “The world in numbers “.

Seems like the time is right for increased adoption of clean technology, don’t you think?


The data explosion 27 Mar, 2008

1,800 exabytes. 1,800 billion gigabytes. That’s how much electronic data that will be in existence in 2011, according to a white paper from IDC.

The figure is based on a compound annual growth rate of almost 60% from 2006. And already now, in March of 2008, the number of bits stored exceed the estimated number of stars in the universe.

Clearly, the impact of the digital universe is bigger than we thought. And it goes without saying that we need to bridge the digital divide — to ensure that everyone has access to humanity’s collected information and collective intelligence.

As far as mobile communication goes, VNL’s WorldGSM™ system is a viable way forward to bridge the gap and connect the previously unconnected.

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