Solar roofing 20 May, 2008

Lumeta has developed solar roofing that can be installed in just half an hour. It’s a clever idea: photovoltaic tiles that integrate into an existing roof.

For residential applications, Lumeta offers both integrated S tile and Flat Tile solar products, as well as asphalt shingle roof systems for home builders.

Lumeta’s larger photovoltaic module – the PowerPly 380 – is intended for commercial applications. Triplepundit has an interesting video of a PowerPly installation (it’s fast): “Peel & stick solar fulfills the need … for speed!

Installing regular photovoltaic panels can difficult in two ways: it’s a cumbersome process, and large solar panels tend to stand out from the overall house architecture (a photovoltaic eyesore, if you will). So the idea of integrating a solar panel installation with existing roofing makes serious sense.

Indeed, the future looks bright for Lumeta.

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Let the sun charge your phone 17 Apr, 2008

$100 gives you the ability to charge your phone wherever there’s sun, with a portable charger that fits in to your back pocket.

Yesterday, we wrote about Suntrica’s portable solar charger, the SolarBadge™.

Better Energy Systems offers a similar charger: the $100 Solio™.

Both products offer similar specifications, and are built on the same idea: a small, portable solar charger with a built-in battery that can store the accumulated energy for later use.

The big difference is industrial design. Solio™ is shaped like a hand-held fan, and Suntrica’s SolarBadge™ has a square, flexible, wearable design.

Prices are not yet set for the SolarBadge, and no delivery date is given on their site. We’re looking forward to taking a closer look at it when it’s available!

Solar powered chargers 16 Apr, 2008

With WorldGSM™ and a solar powered phone charger, who needs grid power to make a phone call?

Check out Suntrica’s website and see what a cool little charger they have designed. It’s called the SolarBadge – a portable, solar powered charger with a built-in rechargeable battery that stores energy up to five years.

A promising product, we think. What do you think? Have your say »

New initiative puts a sunny smile on Adelaide 14 Mar, 2008

The forward-thinking state government of South Australia released a new solar “feed-in” legislation last year which allows home-owners with solar panels to receive double-credit for the power they feed into the grid.

Essentially, the government will buy back any excess energy that private solar cells produce.

The new legislation has resulted in the Adelaide Solar City initiative, which encourages citizens to go green, or rather, yellow. And make an extra buck while lowering environmental impacts.

We salute this initiative, and hope others will follow!

A new model for rural healthcare 12 Mar, 2008

Piramal Healthcare have started a rural healthcare pilot in Rajasthan. The idea is based around specially trained nurses that are locally stationed in villages and communicate back to doctors at a central hospital via SMS.

Piramal’s initiative is interesting, and we are looking forward to seeing the outcomes of the pilot project.

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