The Kamla Show: “Serving The Next Billion Mobile Users” 23 Aug, 2008

Hear VNL’s CEO Anil Raj’s conversation with Kamla Bhatt about VNL’s mission – to help mobile operators serve rural markets profitably.

The contents of the podcast, in the words of Kamla, centers around the rural market opportunity, VNL’s solar powered GSM system WorldGSM™ and microtelecom:

How do you serve the next billion is the the central focus of conversation in many telecom companies. How do you address the bottom of the pyramid in emerging and developing economies? I caught up with Anil Raj of VNL, an Indian-Swedish telecom company that recently introduced a new product: solar based GSM -system that appears to clearly address the needs and challenges in rolling out mobile infrastructure into rural areas. VNL uses the term microtelecom to address the needs of the bottom of the pyramid.”

Anil also expands on mobile market trends such as the mobile phone becoming increasingly important in many areas of life – from a portable telephone to a remote control for life, and from “how are you?” to “where are you?”.

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