Let the sun charge your phone 17 Apr, 2008

$100 gives you the ability to charge your phone wherever there’s sun, with a portable charger that fits in to your back pocket.

Yesterday, we wrote about Suntrica’s portable solar charger, the SolarBadge™.

Better Energy Systems offers a similar charger: the $100 Solio™.

Both products offer similar specifications, and are built on the same idea: a small, portable solar charger with a built-in battery that can store the accumulated energy for later use.

The big difference is industrial design. Solio™ is shaped like a hand-held fan, and Suntrica’s SolarBadge™ has a square, flexible, wearable design.

Prices are not yet set for the SolarBadge, and no delivery date is given on their site. We’re looking forward to taking a closer look at it when it’s available!


Solar powered chargers 16 Apr, 2008

With WorldGSM™ and a solar powered phone charger, who needs grid power to make a phone call?

Check out Suntrica’s website and see what a cool little charger they have designed. It’s called the SolarBadge – a portable, solar powered charger with a built-in rechargeable battery that stores energy up to five years.

A promising product, we think. What do you think? Have your say »