WorldGSM™ Technology

Traditional GSM was not designed for the unique challenges posed by the rural opportunity. It costs too much, is too expensive to run, uses too much power and is too difficult to deploy (especially in areas with no grid power, poor roads and no skilled engineers).

No amount of stripping back of today’s GSM will bridge the gap between infrastructure costs and the rural user’s ability to pay.

“The challenge for mobile operators in emerging economies is to provide value to sophisticated users while developing an offering for the subscriber that will spend only £2-5 per month.”

- Pyramid Research
The Next Billion: How Emerging Markets are Shaping the Mobile Industry, Oct 07

WorldGSM™ has been designed from the ground up — the hardware, software, towers and network architecture — to extend existing GSM networks into areas they could never before serve.

The WorldGSM™ philosophy

WorldGSM™ is a new approach to delivering profitable mobile services to rural markets. It’s the first example of microtelecom, the re-engineering of telecommunications to meet the needs of rural and remote communities.

WorldGSM™ is fully GSM compliant, so it easily links to existing networks, dramatically extending their reach. But it’s different from traditional GSM in these important ways:

  • Low-power — at less than 100W per Base Station, the entire system can be run on solar power. No power grid or generator necessary.
  • Low cost — a fraction of the cost of traditional GSM Base Stations; profitable at very low densities and ARPUs.
  • Self-deploying — an entire WorldGSM™ Base Station packs into two carts and is easily installed by unskilled field staff who may not be able to read or write. No buildings, power, air conditioning. Just point it South and turn it on.
  • Near-Zero Maintenance — update software remotely and perform simple swap repairs if needed.
  • Cascading Star Architecture™ — a unique, modular architecture optimised for low-cost rural expansion; with local switching to minimise backhaul.

The WorldGSM™ System:

The WorldGSM Rural GSM System

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