The Cascading Star Architecture™

WorldGSM™ is based on VNL’s Cascading Star Architecture™, a unique approach to Radio Network Planning, with several important advantages:

  • It allows WorldGSM™ to use panel or omni antennas to provide coverage.
  • It provides an easy entry into previously uncovered areas.
  • It enables low-cost expansion as uptake increases.

All three contribute significantly to the cost, power savings and sustainability of the WorldGSM™ system.

Extending existing GSM networks

While WorldGSM™ can be a complete standalone GSM network, it comes into its own as a solution that extends the reach of existing networks by going where they cannot go.

WorldGSM™ Rural Sites are deployed in any rural location. WorldGSM™ Village Sites are mounted on rooftops within a 5km radius of a Rural Site.

These “stars” are strung along from any existing GSM network node, extending its reach. The string of rural deployments ends with an MSC and a BSC, co-located at the end node of the host network.

It’s fast, it’s simple and it drives capex and opex to new lows:

The WorldGSM™ Rural System - Deployment Map

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