Clean Technology

Mobile telecom networks require an enormous amount of power. In markets with unreliable grid power, this energy often comes from diesel fuel.

By some estimates, India alone already uses over 1.8 billion litres of diesel fuel every year to power Base Stations when the grid is not present or not available. This does not include the fuel needed to transport fuel to the mobile sites.

Adding hundreds of millions of rural users can only multiply this destructive environmental impact — unless these users are supported by a sustainable alternative.

“The cellphone is the single most transformative technology for development.”

- Jeffrey Sachs
Columbia University

WorldGSM™ is the lowest power mobile infrastructure ever invented — by an order of magnitude. This not only directly reduces its carbon footprint, it also allows the system to be entirely solar- and/or wind-powered.

For the first time, mobile communications come without the associated environmental impact.

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