Remote communities like those throughout rural India are not full of mobile network engineers. A truly rural-optimized base station has to be assembled by non-professionals — often people who cannot read or write.

WorldGSM™ Deployments

WorldGSM™ is deployed in any of three site configurations to support two different types of deployment.

The tower design itself makes an important contribution to the overall WorldGSM™ system, helping minimize power consumption and maintenance while supporting installation by local workers.

A WorldGSM™ site packs into a few small carts and is designed for easy assembly with no special tools — just a compass to make sure it’s pointed South. The rooftop poles are even smaller and easier to deploy.

Conspicuously absent from a WorldGSM™ deployment are such things as a buildings, air-conditioning, mains power, generators, diesel fuel and armies of expensive engineers.

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WorldGSM™ Village Site
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WorldGSM™ Rural Site
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WorldGSM™ Road Site (Coming soon.)

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