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LTE based IoT networks for Industries of the Future

By: Shashwat Nagpal
Today, telecom technology and its innovations are not limited to mobile phones only. The evolution of technology and its advancements have changed the way we live, work and play. VNL's 4G/LTE telecommunication networks are making the fourth industrial revolution a reality sooner by changing the way we manufacture, mine and ship.

19 May 2021
Business Continuity During COVID-19 – serving our customers as before

By: Shashwat Nagpal
We are closely monitoring the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and have been continuously taking necessary precautionary measures to ensure our people stay safe while we deliver the same service and support to our customers.

26 Mar 2020
VNL’s Smart Border Management Solutions check all the boxes at this year’s Border Management event, New Delhi.

VNL successfully wrapped up its showcase of field-proven, terrain-specific, multi-layered, border management solutions at this year’s Smart Border Management, held at FICCI chambers in New Delhi.

20 Dec 2019
VNL announces participation at DefCom India 2019

At DefCom 2019, we will be showcasing our suite of T-LTE based Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured (IDDM), portable Mobile Integrated Network Terminals (MINT) for high altitude regions, and Portable Smart-ISR systems.

18 Nov 2019
Reducing the digital divide in an economically viable and truly inclusive way.

Latest statistics peg the number of mobile subscribers at 5.6 billion* globally. However, the number of subscriptions has increased to 7.9 billion, creating a global subscription penetration of 104%. That’s more subscriptions than the total human population on earth!

27 Feb 2019
VNL Goes Beyond Rural at India Telecom, 2019

VNL successfully concluded its participation in the year’s biggest get together of telecom equipment buyers and sellers – India Telecom, 2019 – organised by the Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council on February 12th at Shangri-La’s Eros, New Delhi.

14 Feb 2019
Why are the telecom players not venturing into the rural and remote?

While the world is gearing for 5G, which is yet to launch, Finland has already taken 6G or 6Genesis development to task. In such an advanced technological scenario, many countries, and regions within countries are bereft of 4G and 3G technologies. In fact, a lot of population still does not have access to any kind of connectivity, leave alone 2G.

19 Sep 2018
TRAI recommendations: A step in the right direction but implementation holds key

Last week, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India came up with much needed recommendations to promote manufacturing of telecom equipment within the country. Even as the Indian telecom sector has seen exponential growth in the last decade and emerged as the second largest market for telecom services globally, local production of telecom equipment has

10 Aug 2018
We need national digitech champions

The digital communication policy must include a well-defined plan to build a robust, design-led domestic industry that is scalable, technologically contemporary and globally competitive

4 Jun 2018
The often talked about “connectivity”

How it seems to be so simple to make a call to a friend whom you plan to meet this evening? Or if you want to say a Hi to your cousin, she is just a call away. I just boarded the local train in Mumbai one says, and almost every second person is on a call.

31 May 2018