VNL Goes Beyond Rural at India Telecom, 2019
14Feb 2019

VNL successfully concluded its participation in the year's biggest get together of telecom equipment buyers and sellers – India Telecom, 2019 – organised by the Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council on February 12th at Shangri-La's Eros, New Delhi.

With delegates from over 40 nations, we showcased a range of solutions – from our widely-recognised rural connectivity solutions to the recently launched specialised network solutions for disaster preparedness and homeland security forces.

On display was VNL's working model of ResQMobil – a quickly-deployable, 5m tripod installation that can be setup within 15 minutes to provide independent network connectivity to first responders at any given site, both before and after a disaster.

Another highlight at the event was our mission-critical Tactical LTE Communication System (TLCS), a fully-integrated, standalone network-in-one-box, designed for homeland security forces to enable secure, instant connectivity across challenging terrains. The system works as an independent network without having to connect to a backhaul –a paradigm contribution to the world of telecom systems, making portability and autonomy of such systems a reality.

Both ResQMobil and TLCS solutions have been marshalled by disaster management agencies and national security forces in the last one year with considerable appreciation.

After successful global deployments in rural and remote areas, in 2019, VNL aims to bring connectivity closer to bearers of critical missions.

Follow us on our social channels as we journey throughout the year to equip every disaster aid agency and mission-critical force with robust communication equipment designed to meet their unique, on-ground challenges.

Other highlights from the event:

  • Rajiv Mehrotra, Chairman, VNL, sharing the roadmap on how developing nations can use India's telecom expertise to successfully strengthen their own ICT programmes.

  • Live demonstrations at VNL'S R&D and manufacturing facility at Manesar, Gurgaon.

  • Delegates from Afghanistan and Nepal at VNL's Digital Village in Karenda, Rajasthan.

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