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Changing the communication network for enterprises

Missing landline calls when you’re away from your desk? And experiencing network congestion, network dark spots, patchy coverage and call drops on your mobile? If these are some of the common problems your workforce faces every day, you need a 100% secure, private mobile network for your enterprise, which offers seamless integration with your fixed phone PBX.

25 Jul 2017
The North-East gets a Voice

Ever since independence, the North-Eastern part of India has been neglected. Surrounded by foreign nations and connected to the mainland just by a thin land corridor, the Seven Sisters have lagged socio-economic development because of lack of infrastructure and connectivity. Plagued by difficult terrain including heavily forested areas and recurrent tribal insurgency, the sparse population in the North East has remained virtually isolated from the bigger world.

3 May 2017
USFs - Passive funds or active instruments of social change?

Telecom USFs have been around in many countries, but are a relatively new construct in some others, especially in emerging nations.Whether examined scholastically or by practitioners on the ground, there has been much debate about whether USFs are a workable idea to extend connectivity to those sections of society that need it most.

30 Mar 2017