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Broadband Cellular Coverage in Stadiums

With so many people using a public network at temporary event locations like stadiums, it becomes important for event management companies to own a private cellular network so retailers, kiosks, hawkers carry on their retail transactions with service guarantee.

Connecting Offshore Oil Fields

Deployable as easily as a Wi-Fi router, this solutions enables large capacity and coverage, is simple to scale and facilitates business and operations continuity for remote plants, all without the need for depending on macro, public networks. Integration with existing PBX networks enables extension number calling to all private cellular handsets/mobile phones.

High-speed Wireless 4G-LTE Broadband

A high-speed, wireless, 4G/LTE broadband infrastructure for remote, rural markets to provide a low-cost alternative to expensive centralized communications infrastructure equipment. As cost of deployment drops, mobile operators can profitably expand service territories where it was previously cost prohibitive to do so.

Private LTE for Educational Campus

Enables today’s high-tech educational institutes with high-speed, wireless LTE coverage across the entire campus, no matter the size of the premises. From classes and conference halls to sports ground, you stay connected without being bound to old-school intercoms.

WorldGSM™- Solar-Powered GSM & Broadband for Rural

A truly rural-optimized base station that's simple enough to be assembled by nonprofessionals - often people who cannot read or write, to simplify rural wireless telephony and internet access through a cascading star network architecture.