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Bridging the Divide

By enabling voice and broadband services with the help of satellite providers and network operators, VNL is helping remote and isolated regions across Indonesia, discover the benefits of connectivity.

Connectivity for Development

Can mobile networks light up lives, connect families, open doors to the world, provide livelihoods, and make lives easier?  Yes, they can. And it’s happening in areas worst-affected by Left Wing Extremism in India!

Fostering digital inclusion in rural Peru

VNL helps reduce the divide between urban and rural Peru by bringing connectivity to its villages, bringing rural Peru at par with the rest of the world in terms of access to information.

Making a happy nation happier

How can you make a happy nation happier? Talking is sharing. And sharing increases happiness. VNL is helping connect the unconnected in Bhutan through its rural and remote wireless mobile solutions.

VNL's Digital Village - Karenda

VNL shows how the Karenda Digital Village model can be adopted by the Digital India program to extend connectivity beyond Gram Panchayats.