RMR-S - Rifleman Radio-Single Channel

RMR-S - Rifleman Radio-Single Channel

Rugged, tailored for emerging tactical battle-space, and designed to provide vital, real-time digital voice, text message and 56 Kbps data rate

RMR-S supports Commander level battlefield communication, keeping platoons and sections connected 24x7 during critical operations. With 5W output power, RMR-S delivers long coverage for better depth in connectivity. High-gain antennas can be used to extend coverage range, enabling communication connectivity across dense urban, forest and mountainous terrains where other radios may lose connectivity.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

Solution Highlights

  • Secure, reliable voice, text messages and data 
  • Rapid setup, and minimum network configuration time 
  • Integrated Blue Force tracking capability 
  • Display with auto back-lit intensity regulation 
  • High audio clarity and noise cancellation 
  • Supports standard H-250 handset 

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