Experience emCell – the field-proven Network-in-One-Box for Forces on the Move

By: Shashwat Nagpal

While on a mission or responding to an emergency, maintaining secure communication for armed forces is the most significant challenge. Secure and dependable communication with high-speed broadband capabilities is vital for the troops while preventing insurrection, guaranteeing security for a huge event, or during an emergency. 

Finding any network in the highest mountains or during extreme weather conditions is impossible. Staying connected might be much more challenging in rough terrains and weather conditions. But not with VNL’s emCell LTE Backpack – a fully-integrated, field-proven mobile broadband communication solution for secure communication during critical operations and VIP events. 

emCell is a combination of LTE broadband communication devices that are compact and lightweight. It allows quickly setting up a high-speed and secure network in a challenging environment, rugged terrain, or extreme weather conditions. emCell is powered by VNL’s advanced 4G/LTE Network-in-One-Box (NiOB).

Even when public communications infrastructure is unavailable, damaged, or down, emCell can offer connectivity and promote interoperability between the forces’ various communications platforms. 

Features of emCell:

  • Secure and reliable communication
  • Compact, lightweight, and instant deployment
  • Interoperability between agencies and platforms
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Real-time situation awareness with cameras and geo-location
  • It can work standalone or in a network.

VNL recently participated in the prestigious “Eurosatory 2022, Paris”, the international reference for the Land and Airborne Defence and Security Exhibition, in collaboration with our partner – Asman Technology, at their booth. The exhibition was held from June 13th to June 17th at Booth at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

The Asman booth attracted a lot of crowds. VNL’s field-proven emCell 4G/LTE Network-in-One-Box Backpack was very well-received by other exhibitors, industry experts, and defence personnel. The delegates from around the globe exchanged their views on defence and security with other participants bringing in the latest technologies.

The forces can utilise emCell solution in multiple ways in different situations – 

  1. emCell Backpack – It is the most suitable for secure and advanced communication for tactical communication.
  2. emCell Portable – It uses to fill up network gaps and provide a secure communication network for public safety.
  3. emCell Box – This enables security forces to quickly set up a private communication network for secure communication and video streaming while moving.
  4. emCell Mobil – This is an easy-to-install and advanced communication system for first responders and assistance agencies in disaster-stricken regions to minimise panic, establish an orderly response plan, evacuate impacted people, and mobilise resources.
  5. emCell Camp Site – It provides a high-speed LTE broadband network for borders, forward bases, and camps to execute critical operations smoothly in extreme weather conditions, such as cold temperatures and high altitudes.

Please click here to know more about our field-proven emCell LTE Backpack.

We have also attached a small video to better understand the emCell LTE Backpack.


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