Wide range of tailored, turnkey solutions to swiftly detect, identify and locate threats across international borders, state boundaries, and other critical facilities.


Our network planning services are a key ingredient in ensuring your networks are able to handle the high level of data traffic brought on by the users while maintaining service quality and user experience. As networks and business models become more complex, we support service providers in creating an efficient environment for consumer service delivery through market-leading network and systems integration expertise. The challenges faced by service providers today include exponential data growth, the continuous introduction of new technologies such as 5G, digital transformation, scattered information sources and insights, and environmental sustainability. VNL has the end-to-end solutions and the skills required to meet the challenges of technology and business transformation. VNL’s technology and services leadership, and as well as understanding and experience of the telecom business, allow us to partner with service providers and take on the deployment management role as the single point of contact in complex integration, swap and deployment projects.


Network Planning includes traffic forecasting and capacity planning to balance network investments, end user experience and network performance. Network planning services can also help the operator develop network strategies and action plans that will achieve business goals and provide input to the subsequent design and integration of the network. The operators unique situation will be the guideline in packaging the relevant and beneficial service modules to meet the present needs.


  • Dimensioning
  • Survey
  • Prediction
  • Site Planning


Network Rollout services to ensure they can be delivered in a fast, efficient, accurate, and sustainable way, allowing the service provider to capitalise on the opportunities. VNL’s project management, site engineering, civil work, installation, product configuration and integration capabilities cover end-to-end deployments from site acquisition to customer acceptance.


  • I & C
  • Optimisation
  • Drive Test
  • Integration


Monitoring and audit services measure the current network performance, provide recommendations to improve it and/or benchmark the network against local or global references.Network Audit measures key performance indicators in the Radio, Transport and/or Core network, and together with configuration data and fault/event statistics, recommendations for further actions are delivered.


  • NOC
  • KPI
  • SLA
  • Alarms

Support & Maintenance

To ensure network health and consistently high network performance for quality end-user experience, we combine technology leadership with a unique mix of global and local expertise to enable operators to meet their business objectives.
By leveraging insights derived from anonymous mega data of hundreds of networks, we deliver actionable recommendations to help operators continuously capture network events and behaviours, prioritize and analyse findings and preempt disturbances that would cause performance or service degradations.


  • Preventive maintenance
  • R & R
  • Training
  • Upgrade
  • FLM
  • AMC
  • TAC

CIPS-Critical Infrastructure Protection System

Field-proven combination of multiple sensors for real-time monitoring of critical perimeters that are tough to guard manually, 24×7.

CIPS-Critical Infrastructure Protection System

It forms an integrated, 7-layer security to deter, detect, delay and avert intrusions with real-time monitoring and dissemination of intelligence with advanced Command and Control Center.

IDDM Complied. Available now.

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CIPS recording a real-time perimeter intrusion

Solution Highlights


Real-time monitoring and dissemination of intelligence


Intrusion localisation up to node level


Remote individual sensor sensitivity control


Day-night operation; tamper alarm


Sensitivity adjustment; low false alarm rate


Integration with other systems via SDK and API

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