Wide range of tailored, turnkey solutions to swiftly detect, identify and locate threats across international borders, state boundaries, and other critical facilities.

Perimeter Protection Solution

CIPS - Critical Infrastructure Protection System

Smart Border Intrusion Detection System - S BIDS

Securing Airports & Airbases

Tactical Field Sensor Kits

Tactical Operation Seismic System

Wireless Unattended Ground Sensors Kit

Wired Unattended Ground Sensors Kit

Advanced Warning Snapshot Camera Kit

AI-powered Cross-border Tunneling Detection Kit

Search & Rescue Systems

ResQMobil - Voice, Video and Data for Disaster Management

SMS Blaster System

Field Communication Systems

Integrated Mobile Terminal - LTE Broadband for Difficult Terrains

Tactical LTE Back-pack Kit

Rapidly Deployable Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissane Solutions

Smart Intel, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Live Co-ordination System for Cordon and Search

SNIPECOM - Situation Awareness for Sniper Ops

Suspect Location Detection & Identification System

Crowd & Riot Control System

SecuForX - AI Supported Comms and ISR for CT Ops

Intelligent Jammers for Prisons & Strategic Locations

Intelligent Jammers for Prisons


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